Legal Rights and Obligations

Each Fund member selects the Vision Plan and the Dental Plan which best serves his or her needs. The vision and dental care providers you select are solely responsible for the delivery of quality vision and dental health care. The Fund does not have any responsibility for the failure of a vision or dental care provider to fulfill these obligations. The inclusion of a provider in the MPE Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan is not an endorsement or recommendation of that provider.

The Fund, by a vote of a majority of its Trustees, may amend, modify, or terminate all or part of any or all of the Fund’s Vision and Dental Health Plans whenever, in their sole judgement, such an amendment, modification or termination shall be necessary or expedient.

The Fund’s Board of Trustees, or the Executive Director acting on their behalf, has the final authority to delegate and/or determine any question arising in connection with the administration, interpretation and application of any or all of these Plans, including any question regarding eligibility for benefits and the right to participate in a Plan. Either the Board’s or the Director’s determination concerning the administration, application and interpretation of the Plans shall be conclusive and binding on all persons subject to the provisions of these Plans.

The Trustees may transfer a member from the MPE Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan to the Indemnity Plan, or terminate a member from dental and vision coverage, if the Trustees, in their sole discretion, determine it is in the best interest of the Fund to do so.

The Fund may, at its sole discretion, require additional and/or supporting documentation as it deems appropriate to confirm eligibility or enrollment information.

It is illegal for a Fund member to willfully misrepresent any fact, including misrepresenting an individual as his or her dependent, for the purpose of securing benefits. Any member who is found by the Fund to have committed such misrepresentation shall immediately become ineligible for Fund benefits and will be required to reimburse the Fund for any benefits obtained. The Fund will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies investigating and prosecuting criminal complaints, including potential cases of fraud or larceny, as they relate to Fund assets.