Contact Us

Call the Fund office (800) 325-5214 or (617) 426-4440 if:

  • You have questions about your eligibility for benefits.
  • You want to know what Dental Plan you are enrolled in.
  • You need to Add Eligible Dependent(s) to your vision and dental plan.
  • You need a Student Verification form to update your dependent’s eligibility.
  • You need to inform the Fund of a change in your dependent status.

Massachusetts Public Employees Fund,  PO Box 3319, Peabody, Massachusetts 01961-3319

Call the Alliance Dental Center, LLC (617) 984-5300

  • You want to make an appointment at this MPE member-only dental office
  • You want to learn more about Alliance Dental Center, LLC

Alliance Dental Center, LLC, 111 Washington St., Suite 301, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

Call the Vision Care Unit (800) 406-1656 ( if:

  • You need a vision care identification card.
  • You need to confirm the date on which you are eligible to receive vision services.
  • You are using the Davis Vision Provider Network and need to locate a provider in your area. (You may also visit to locate a provider).
  • You are not using the Davis Vision Provider Network and need a Claim Form.
  • You wish to access the Laser Vision Correction Discount program.

Call the MPE Dental Unit (800) 553-6277 if:

  • You need a MPE Dental Plan Identification Card.
  • You need to locate a MPE Exclusive Provider (EPN) Network dentist in your area.
  • You have questions about which dental procedures are covered under this program.
  • You have a question about a dental claim.
  • You want to report an error on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement.
  • You have a concern or question about the treatment you are receiving from a MPE Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) dentist.
  • You are out of state and have an emergency dental issue.

Call Your Hearing Network at (888) 809-0044 if:

  • You want to find out about the discount hearing aid benefit offered through Your Hearing Network to Davis Vision members. You may also visit