Limitations and Exclusions

If the Plan booklet does not expressly provide for a vision benefit or service, such benefit or service shall not be covered under either vision plan. In addition, the following limitations and exclusions apply to both the Davis Vision Provider Network Plan and the Alternative Vision Plan:

  • There is no additional coverage in the event of lost or stolen eyewear, or if a medical condition necessitates more frequent exams and/or materials;
  • Non-prescription eyeglasses are not covered by either plan;
  • Benefits for medical treatment of an eye injury or an eye disease are not provided under either plan;
  • No benefits will be paid under either plan for non-covered plan services or materials, including vision training, nor will reimbursement be made for any vision services or supplies for which you or your dependents are not required to pay or for any charges that would not have been made if no Fund coverage was available.