You are eligible for the MPE Fund dental plan. This is not a Delta Dental Plan. The Fund retains Delta Dental of MA as a third-party administrator, responsible for processing and paying claims according to the MPE Fund’s policies and schedule of benefits.

Your employer pays the cost of this benefit – there is no deduction from your paycheck or union dues. New employees become eligible after fulfilling six full months of employment.

The Fund offers its members a choice between two dental health plans.

  1. Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan: Members enrolled in the MPE Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan receive their dental treatment from the Plan’s over 1000 general practitioners and dental specialists offices*.
  2. Indemnity Plan: Members enrolled in the Indemnity Plan receive dental treatment from any dentist they select.
  • Each member must select the dental plan option that best service his or her needs, and that of his/her family members.
  • New members who fail to submit an enrollment form by their effective date of coverage will be automatically enrolled in the MPE Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan with individual coverage.
  • All family members will be enrolled in the same dental plan option.
  • Members must remain enrolled in the same dental plan option for the entire plan year (July 1st to June 30th). Members may change their dental plan only during the Fund’s annual Open Enrollment period.

An Annual Plan Maximum is the most the Fund will pay of its portion of covered services. Under both the MPE EPN and Indemnity Plan:

  • Family members age 12 and under have an unlimited Annual Plan Maximum.
  • The Fund provides an Annual Plan Maximum of $1,600*, and a separate Implant Plan Maximum of $1,150*.
  • Fund payments for orthodontics, preventive, diagnostic, and periodontal scaling and root planing are not deducted from the Annual Plan Maximum
  • Fund payments for immediate and complete dentures are not deducted from the Annual Plan Maximum.
  • If you are enrolled in the MPE EPN dental plan and receive services from a provider that does not participate in the plan, no benefits are payable.

*Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seasonal Employee annual plan maximum is equal to 50% of the stated maximum.

Dental Plan Limitations and Exclusions