The Fund provides Continuation Coverage (COBRA) in accordance with the Public Health Service Act. COBRA – the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – requires the Fund to offer continuation coverage to you and your dependents when coverage would otherwise stop due to certain specific events (“qualifying events”). COBRA establishes rules for how and when continuation coverage must be offered and provided, how employees and their families may elect continuation coverage, and what circumstances justify terminating continuation coverage.

COBRA Continuation Coverage is temporary coverage.You and/or your dependents must pay the full COBRA Continuation Coverage premium. You will be provided with monthly cost information if you become eligible for COBRA Continuation Coverage. The benefits which you and/or your dependents receive will be identical to those received by active Fund members.

You may have other options available to you, including coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector at You may be able to get coverage through the MA Health Connector that costs less than COBRA Continuation Coverage. If you are a retiree of the Commonwealth of MA, you may be offered the option to participate in the retiree dental program. Contact the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) at 617.727.2310 to inquire about this program. As a retiree of the City of Boston, you may be offered the option to participate in the retiree dental program. Contact Health Benefits at 617.635.4570.

You will find general information on your eligibility for COBRA Continuation Coverage, how to apply for COBRA Continuation Coverage, and how long COBRA Continuation Coverage benefits last. This is intended to be a general, informational discussion of your rights under the COBRA Continuation Coverage program. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for COBRA Continuation Coverage, please contact the MPE Fund Office at (800) 325-5214.

Notice of COBRA Rights

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