Tufts Special Needs Program

The MPE Fund has partnered with Tufts Dental Facilities (TDF) and Delta Dental of Massachusetts to better serve our members with special needs. This partnership has provided access to dental facilities and oral health providers around the Commonwealth who are dedicated and experienced in working with individuals with developmental disabilities who may require specialized care.

At this time the program is not able to accept new patients, but all of the clinics do compile a waiting list.

The partnership will allow Fund members, who meet the eligibility requirements for the developmentally disabled as determined by Massachusetts law, to receive individualized care based on their risk for dental disease and current oral health status. The providers in the facilities are qualified and have been trained in assessing a patient’s level of risk for developing dental disease and in providing appropriate care. Since many patients with special needs have high risk factors for dental disease, they may require additional preventive therapies not normally covered by insurance plans.

In addition to the benefits available to members enrolled in either the MPE Indemnity or Exclusive Provider Network (EPN) Plan, members who qualify for treatment in the TDF are also eligible for additional preventive therapies as determined by your TDF provider.

All co-payments and plan year maximums outlined in the Indemnity Plan and EPN Plan descriptions will be in effect. Final eligibility will be determined by the facility using the specified criteria for developmental disabilities outlined in Massachusetts law.

Facilities are located in the following cities and/or towns:

Canton     Groton     Hathorne     Taunton     Worcester     West Springfield     Wrentham

To learn more about the facility locations in your area and to receive help regarding the wait list please call the MPE Unit at Delta Dental of MA at (800) 553-6277