Retiree COBRA

  • Your benefits with the MPE Fund will continue for a 30-day period after your retirement date (e.g. if your retirement date is June 30th, your dental and vision coverage with the MPE Fund will continue through July 31st.
  • Retirees can continue their dental and vision coverage with the MPE Fund for a maximum of 36 months if they elect COBRA Continuation Coverage and pay the required monthly premiums. The monthly premiums can be found here.
  • COBRA is a continuation of the same benefits available to you as an active member.
  • The MPE Fund mails COBRA Election Forms and Notice of Right to Continue Coverage when you coverage will terminate. In the above example, you may not receive this until August 1st!
    • If you are retiring and know that you want to continue your current dental and vision benefits with the MPE Fund, you may complete the Request for COBRA Retiree Form and return to the Fund office by mail or fax prior to receiving the COBRA Election Form.

Upon receipt of your Election Form, the MPE Fund will issue payment coupons used to remit monthly premiums. We do not issue monthly bills. We do not have the ability to accept payments over the phone or online. Please also note that unless and until payment for the month is received, no claims can be paid on your behalf.


Special information for retirees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  • If you are a retiree of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you will need to make a decision to either:

    • Continue the current dental and vision plan you have with the MPE Fund for a maximum period of 36 months, or
    • Elect to participate in the Group Insurance Commission retiree dental program.
      • You cannot enroll in both the GIC retiree plan and COBRA.
  • If you elect to continue COBRA with the MPE Fund, you may join the GIC retiree plan if:
    • You enroll during the GIC’s open enrollment;
    • You participate in COBRA for the full 36 months and your COBRA ends.
  • Upon receipt of your 36th month payment, the Fund will automatically send you a letter which you must provide to the GIC to enroll in that retiree dental plan.
  • The MPE Fund dental and vision plan is not the same benefit as the GIC retiree dental plan. There are differences in what is covered and at what levels, etc. Also, the monthly COBRA premium includes vision care benefits. You must compare the plans and make the decision as to what best suits your individual needs, and the needs of your family, if applicable.

For more information on the GIC retiree dental program, you must contact the GIC directly at 617-727-2310 or click here. The Fund office cannot provide you with any information about the benefit offered through the GIC.

Notice of Right to Elect COBRA