The Alliance Dental Center, LLC was created by the Fund’s Board of Trustees for the purpose of owning and operating a dental office to provide care to Fund members. The office provides treatment based on an individual patient’s risk factors with the goal of arresting existing disease, and to reduce the likelihood of future disease. The Trustees understand that oral health is a key factor in overall health, and the ADC embodies this principle with a revolutionary approach to care delivery and patient education and support.   

All patients are different, with unique concerns and issues important to them. We understand, and want to help.

Our purpose is NOT about providing ‘free benefits’ or ‘free care’. It is about working with you, long-term, to address your needs and provide care that will result in a healthier mouth and life! 

Our office is located at 111 Washington Street, Quincy MA 02169. Please call our Wellness Team who are dedicated to helping you – our MPE members – at 617.984.5300. We look forward to meeting you.