MPE Fund Exclusive Wellness Programs

The MPE Fund Board of Trustees is committed to offering a dental benefit program that contributes to improving the oral health of Fund members and their families. The Trustees are continually exposed to current research regarding the causes and treatment of dental disease. Enhancements to the benefits extended to our members are based on the most recent, validated evidence which has been proven to address the risk factors known to cause tooth decay.

In addition to a comprehensive dental health care benefit plan, unique programs are developed by the MPE Fund and provided exclusively for our members. We are proud to be able to offer these extremely valuable benefits that are not covered by most other dental programs.

As we have learned more about the causes of tooth decay and gum disease, the Trustees have been better able to design benefits and programs that offer preventive treatments to patients with risk factors for these diseases. We hope that these valuable, unique wellness programs will help you and your families achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Early Childhood Dental Care – Dental Home Program

MPE Fluoride Varnish Program for very young MPE Fund patients who may be at risk for dental disease.

Xylitol Program for MPE Fund patients who want to reduce their tooth-decay disease!

Orthodontic (Braces) CAMBRA Program

Fund Cancer Treatment Program for MPE Fund patients undergoing certain cancer treatment therapies.

Tufts Special Needs Program for MPE Fund special-needs patients who may have risk factors for dental disease.