Q: Do I have to enroll in a specific dental plan with MPE Fund to be a patient at the Alliance Dental Center?

A: No. Regardless of the plan you are enrolled in, you may be a patient at the ADC and receive all the benefits offered at the ADC. If you need to be referred for a specialty service that we are not able to provide at the ADC, you will receive the benefits per the guidelines of the dental plan you are enrolled in with MPE Fund (EPN or Indemnity).

Q: My dentist feels an implant would be the best treatment for a missing tooth I have. Can I get an implant done at the Alliance Dental Center?

A: At this time the Alliance Dental Center does not perform implants. However, we can do an evaluation and discuss long-term treatments and goals for your oral health. We can also take all x-rays and send them to a specialist for treatment that cannot currently be performed at the Alliance Dental Center.

Q: I love my current dentist, and do not want to leave her practice. Can I continue to see her for routine exams and cleanings and come to Alliance Dental Center only when I need restorative services?

A: This would not be in line with the philosophy of the ADC. We want to be your ‘dental home’ and work with you long-term to address your risk of disease. In this case, it would be best to remain with your current dentist.

Q: I don’t like the color of my teeth as they are stained. I was told veneers would be an option. Can I come there to have veneers?

A: No. The Alliance Dental Center does not provide any elective or cosmetic services. Our mission is to address the risk of disease and improve your oral health.

Q: I contacted the ADC to make an appointment and was told the ADC may not be the appropriate office for my needs. Why?

A: The ADC’s goal is to arrest existing disease and work with our patients to reduce the risk of future damage cause by dental disease. If a patient requires extensive major restorative, including prosthodontics, implants, dentures or other services to replace multiple missing teeth, that is not in the scope of the ADC’s mission. As such, members are better served by going to a provider that can provide these services.